TYPA Stationery is a brand of notebooks, boxes and other useful items. Founded in 2010 in Tartu, Estonia, we are dedicated to handcraft quality stationery from recycled materials and print industry leftovers with the aim to support the historic and educational activities at TYPA.


Saving discarded books

Every month, tons of books are discarded by Estonian libraries, schools, recycling centres etc – mostly from the Soviet era when some of the print runs were extremely large. Amongst the discarded books you’ll find obsolete science and technical literature, Soviet propaganda, outdated encyclopedias but sometimes also classics. Most of these books end up in the landfill as hardcover books are not accepted for recycling. Luckily, some of them reach our studio where we repurpose the covers or spines into journals and secret boxes. The original text blocks are not wasted either, but are sent for recycling to a local paper factory. This way we help to recycle about 3-4 tons of books each month – books that would otherwise end up in the landfill.



In line with our ecological concerns, we use recycled, local or industry leftover materials whenever possible: The content paper in our notebooks is 100 % recycled paper Nautilus Classic; the endsheets are from recycled paper made in a local paper factory; the wood for the book boxes comes from a workshop in just the next courtyard… We pretty much try to recycle everything that comes to our hand: book covers, book spines, inky rags from our letterpress studio, vintage photo books, retro wallpaper, old posters, scrap prints and more.


Where to buy?

You can buy our stuff online at our Etsy shop.

We also accept custom orders and ship worldwide. Just write us at stationery@typa.ee

Our resellers include Ex & Terra (Paris, France), Papiertiger (Linz, Austria), Kiasma shop (Helsinki, Finland), Rahva Raamat (Estonia), Puänt (Tallinn, Estonia), Les Petites (Tallinn, Estonia), Oma Asi (Tallinn, Estonia)


Want to resell?

If you’re interested in reselling our items in your shop or gallery, get in touch with us at stationery@typa.ee